Workshops Presentations

A list of my programming. Spiritual, Metaphysical and New Age topics. Lectures and hands on workshops. On demand programmes also available to fit your event!

New Age Seminars, Lectures and Workshops

I can prepare presentations, lectures and hands-on workshops from a vast range of topics in the Self-Help, Metaphysical and Spiritual. Some of my most popular programmes include:

Intuition – Sixth Sense -Clairvoyance

Prophecy – Divination – Tarot – Cartomancy

Folk Divination Methods

Money Magic – Prosperity – Career

Love Magic – Soulmates – Dating

Magic – The Secret – Using Mental Powers to Manifest

Dream Interpretation – Chakra Energy Work

Ancestral Connection – Inner Child – Shamanic Healing

Psychic Defense – Purification – Psychic Protection

Paranormal Investigation – Spirits – Poltergeist

Remembering Past Lives – Reincarnation Therapy

Tarot for the Initiated – Advanced Tarot Techniques