Tarot Readings in Prague

Get a personalized, live Tarot reading from experienced psychic in the City of Prague, ancient seat of magic and mysticism.

Chances are, your found yourself in Prague under extraordinary circumstances. perhaps you arenow at a life crossroads, pondering your next move.

Should you stay in this relationships? How is work going to pan out? Should you move? Is your health going to remain solid? What about your family members, how are they going to do?

These are some of the typical questions people bring to a psychic fortune telling session, questions that I will be happy to answer for you.

I love doing these readings for travelling professionals, tourists, retirees and international students as there is always something special going on.

Perhaps the journey that has brought you here might as well e your sacred journey and Prague is the place when all the roads unite.

Let me be your spiritual advisor at this moment, and I will be happy to read your cards and share my clairvoyant visions about your destiny.

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Live readings in the centre of Prague near Charles Bridge and Prague castle