Tarot Readings in Prague

Get a Tarot reading from experienced psychic in the City of Prague, ancient seat of magic and mysticism.

I did my first Tarot reading at twelve

Really, that was when I received my first deck of cards. At Saint Ursula´s Catholic School in Prague historic center, I soon became an infamous child. The girls that were curious rather than scared sought me for readings.

I will forever remember the results of my first reading.

To my lovestricken classmate I prophecized she would start dating the boy of her choice. Soon enough, they professed love and started dating, so much that they rarely showed up for school.

That was 20 years ago.

I delivered my first “real” psychic reading in one of Prague´s oldest and most famous cafés, at Slavia.

My client there was a Japanese violinist. I remember sweating before this striking young woman who for some reason wound up in Prague, just like the many world travellers whose lives I have since touched. In two years, Miss Megumi came back to Prague to see me about the reading. She had some great news to share.

Our meeting gave her the confidence to apply for a prestigious orchestra that then took her around the world. It was the first time somebody told me, “You have changed my destiny.” My destiny has changed too. It has now been 12 years since those words had been uttered, and I´ve witnessed countless such transformations of people´s fate.

I am honored to serve as your guide, whatever life crossroads you find yourself at.

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Live readings at centre of Prague 2. Also available worldwide for on-line session using Skype / Whatsapp.

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