Psychic Fortune Teller for Parties in Prague

Do you want to make your birthday party, ladies vacation or another group event in Prague memorable? Why not invite me to tell the fortunes and read the cards for your guests.

Have Something Very Special at Your Event…

Surprise Your Guests and Get Your Fortunes Read Together!

I have been reading at Christmas parties, Halloween parties, masked balls, charity fundraisers and corporate parties for over a decade. Bechelorettes also invite me to their ladies´ nights andI have read the fortunes of many guided tour groups in Prague.

Sometimes my show at the celebration is kept as a last minute surprise by the host. My surprising entrance is always met with excitement!

Fortune Teller Services for Social Events

I can accommodate any setup, help create atmosphere and entertain your guests for a couple of hours at night or during the whole duration of a festival.

For larger events, I can come with other Czech or English speaking readers.

Pricing for Groups and Events

Minimum order ……. 3 000 CZK / 2 hours

Typical Event … 4 000 – 5 000 CZK

All-Day or Full Night ….. from 6 000 CZK