Prague Magic

Hands-on Workshops, Tours and Spiritual Activities in the ancient seat of mysticism and the occult

Prague Magic Workshops, Tours and Customized Rituals for Your Sacred Pilgrimage

Prague has been the seat of Magick, Alchemy and Spiritual Mysticism for centuries. It spawned great Alchemists in the 17th century as well as wielders of legendary powers of Qaballah. I grew up in an environment soaked with legends. Some of them we learnt as a part of our school curriculum. There was Pagan Prophetess Libuse, a figure in early Bohemia history who used divination to lead the folk to their new king. Pagan seers turned into Christian prophets, in a continuum of heritage that lasted throughout history. I now live on one of the energy hotspots in old Prague, where I perform divination, rituals of magic. I also teach these arts to others in live hands-on workshops. If you´d like me to prepare an afternoon activity for you, or a full-blown training bootcamp lasting 1-3 days or perhaps a personalized tour of Prague´s most magical sites, feel free to reach out to me and let´s discuss your needs.