My Story

I was born with a Witches´ Sign on my right cheek that my father, an Astrologer, interpreted as a calling of the spirit world that matched my horoscope. He refused to have it removed as he believed it would have angered the Spirits and derailed my life path. For a long time I didn´t think much of this story which was passed down to me as a family legend. I grew up in an environment rich in myth and folklore, and did my first psychic reading when I was still a child.

“I performed my first client Tarot reading at twelve years old…”

That was when I received my first deck of cards from my father. At Saint Ursula´s Catholic School, I soon gained infamy and other girls started to seek me out for readings. I will forever remember the results of my first reading because of the fallout that followed. I prophesied to my lovestricken classmate the boy she fancied was into her as well I but that I see something bad is coming. Soon enough, he professed love to her and they started going out, so much that they failed to show up for school and they were suspended. That was 20 years ago.

“I delivered my first psychic reading in English 12 years ago, in one of Prague´s oldest and most famous cafés, at Café Slavia…”

My client was a Japanese violinist, a striking young woman who for some reason wound up in Prague. Our meeting gave her the confidence to apply for a prestigious orchestra that then took her around the world. It was the first time somebody told me, “You have changed my destiny.” My destiny changed as well. It has now been twelve years since she uttered those words, and I´ve witnessed countless transformations. I am honored to serve as your guide, whatever life crossroads you find yourself at, to help you make the best out of your life.