My Story

Anima Noira was born with a Witches´ Sign on her right cheek that her father, an Astrologer, interpreted as a life long calling by the Spirits. When offered to have the sign removed right at maternity hospital where she was born beneath the Vysehrad Rock, he refused as he believed it would have angered the Spirits and derailed me from my life path.

A Calling for Life

For a long time I didn´t think much of this story which passed down to me as a family legend. I grew up in an environment rich in myth and folklore, and did my first psychic reading when I was still a child. The Spiritual was deemed to be real and that definitely shaped my psyche and allowed me to develop my Psychic gifts. As a young adult I became nationally famous, gathering late nigh TV publicity and magazine covers. This lead to a short hiatus when I was coming to terms with dark side of fame between 2016 an 2018. Recently, I regained my drive through a series of prophecies and miracles that propelled me back to a more public life and I am now available for live and distant readings, seminars and workshops.